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Upside Insurance Greenville helps you find the best rates on insurance in Upstate South Carolina, so you can be protected from the unexpected. We connect you with licensed SC insurance agents who explain your coverage options and pull quotes from multiple insurance carriers. You get the benefit of personalized service, customized coverage, and the ability to compare rates, so you score big savings.

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Common Home Insurance Riders to Consider Adding to Your Policy

Owning a home also means buying a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers a wide range of things, from damage to your home to comprehensive personal liability. Homeowner’s plans also include coverage for personal belongings – although not entirely. For example, many insurers offer contents coverage up to 50 to 70 percent of your home’s insured […]

How to Obtain Your South Carolina Boating License

South Carolina is an excellent state for boating enthusiasts. With plenty of lakes, river systems, and a sizable coastline, boaters have excellent choices for having fun on the water. The state takes certain steps to make sure everyone who operates a boat within the borders does so safely and responsibly. One of those steps is […]

What Safety Equipment is Required on a Boat in South Carolina?

Water activities of all sorts are high on the list of favorite recreational pursuits in the Palmetto State. Summer water fun includes swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, and water-skiing, both along coastlines and on inland waterways. Because of its generally mild climate, boating in South Carolina is enjoyable nearly year-round. Just like the state requires vehicles […]

SCDMV Points – How the SC Drivers’ License Points System Works

The state of South Carolina has a points system in place for its drivers. Every driving infraction or violation results in points against your driver’s license. As you accumulate points, not only do your insurance rates go up, but you could also lose your license or face mandatory suspension. Understanding how the point system works is imperative […]

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