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Upside Insurance Greenville helps you find the best rates on insurance in Upstate South Carolina, so you can be protected from the unexpected. We connect you with licensed SC insurance agents who explain your coverage options and pull quotes from multiple insurance carriers. You get the benefit of personalized service, customized coverage, and the ability to compare rates, so you score big savings.

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How to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premium Costs

It probably seems like every time you turn around you’re paying for some insurance bill, whether it’s for auto, home, health or life insurance. Unfortunately, even coverage that isn’t required by law just makes good sense. One example is homeowner’s insurance, which pays you if your home is damaged or destroyed. Homeowner’s insurance is quite […]

Why Is My Motorcycle Insurance So High? Tips for Cheaper Coverage

Owning a motorcycle is a fun and liberating attainment. However, before you head out on a road trip, it’s essential that you take all the necessary safety precautions. In addition to wearing safety gear and a helmet, it’s also crucial to carry the adequate motorcycle insurance coverage. The premiums on a motorcycle policy can get […]


Home Insurance Score vs. Credit Score – What Is the Difference?

Your credit score and home insurance score are both statistical calculations taken from information on your credit report. The company inserts into an algorithm provided by FICO to arrive at a number that becomes your score. Despite these similarities, the two scores differ in the information considered to calculate the numerical value and the way […]


Common Reasons Why Home Insurance Claims are Denied

Home insurance is an expensive, but necessary, type of insurance. It’s essential for protecting your investment against multiple types of damage and may even be required if financing your home. Though a homeowner’s policy offers excellent protection against many perils, you might be surprised and frustrated to file a claim that gets denied. Here are […]

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