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7 Ways to Lower the Cost of Auto Insurance

Not only can buying a car and ensuring its proper maintenance prove costly but so can maintaining an adequate auto insurance policy. However, there are several tricks to help you reduce your automotive insurance bills. 1. Shop Around Various insurance companies offer different prices for their services. We recommend obtaining quotes from at three companies […]

Best RV Campgrounds and Parks in South Carolina

Jump to: Hunting Island State Park | Croft State Park | Myrtle Beach State Park | Devils Fork State Park | Dreher Island State Park | RV Insurance South Carolina offers RV enthusiasts endless camping options at dozens of parks scattered across the state. From lakes to beaches to beautiful gorges, there’s no shortage of […]

Home Insurance Terminology Every Homeowner Should Know

Whether you are a new homeowner in need of homeowners’ insurance or you are considering switching companies, it’s important to know your options. Even more important is understanding the terminology common to home insurance policies. Understanding the legal jargon will help with everything from reviewing policy selections with your agent to filing a claim in […]

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